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Working from home can be a major adjustment for those of us used to the structure of an office. Our peers and coworkers have been replaced by family members, collaboration is now done through email and video conference, and there’s a whole new set of distractions to deal with.

That’s not to say remote work doesn’t have its benefits, however. Once a routine has been established, many professionals find that they’re significantly more productive than they were in a traditional office. 


So what’s the secret? 

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success when it comes to working from home. Your workspace and daily schedule should be customized to meet your own specific needs. With that in mind, here are a few tips for building your ideal home office:

Know your space

It may seem obvious, but grab a tape measure and check the amount of room you have available for a desk, chair and any necessary storage. If you don’t have much space to dedicate as your personal home office, see if you can spare a corner of the living room or dining room for your desk. L shaped desks are a great way to conserve floor space, as they fit conveniently in the corner and give you a larger surface to spread out. 

What about working from home for two? If you and your significant other are sharing a workspace, a 72 inch table desk could be a perfect option. There’s plenty of room to sit next to or across from each other and share resources while working on separate projects.

Prioritize comfort

The best desk in the world will lose its appeal quickly if it’s paired with an uncomfortable seat. If you’re working from home long term or permanently, it’s definitely time to spring for an ergonomic office chair. Look for a multifunction model with an adjustable seat, backrest and armrests, along with lumbar support for maximum comfort.

It may also be worth investing in a quality height adjustable standing desk. These electric desks allow you to sit or stand at the push of a button which can help your body feel better throughout a full work week. If you’re on a budget, models that adjust mechanically are also available at a lower price.

Limit distractions

We know it’s tempting, but you should set up your workspace in a room away from the TV if possible. What starts as harmless background noise can quickly turn into a distraction that draws your attention away from the task at hand.

Desktop clutter is another common productivity killer for those working from home. Unorganized paperwork and supplies make it difficult to concentrate and find the materials you need. Desks that have built-in drawers and shelves or freestanding storage like file cabinets and bookcases can make a significant difference.

Quality matters…

Commercial office furniture that’s built to endure a 40+ hour work week is a must for serious work at home professionals. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to choose products that are going to withstand scratches, nicks, dings, dents and any other damage the furniture can incur as you move from project to project. Since this workspace is going to part of your home for a long time, look for a manufacturer’s warranty in the area of 10 years or more.

Staying connected via technology is especially crucial while working from home. Surfaces with features like wire management and built-in USB ports are great for keeping electronic devices ready to go so you never miss an important message from your boss or team member.

…But so does cost

If you’re only working remotely for a month or two, you probably don’t need to spend top dollar on commercial-grade furnishings. Collections that are designed for the home rather than for professional use are often less expensive and come in a variety of styles to match any taste. Some desks are designed to have multiple uses, so you can repurpose your workspace as a sofa table or console table once you’re back in the office.

Additionally, most online retailers feature a clearance section where you can find big savings on older products. This is a great way for budget shoppers to find high quality items for a fraction of the cost. 

Remember, what works for someone else may not be the right choice for you. Be sure to take stock of your situation and check around for the right furnishings to fit your specific needs. You can find an array of work from home solutions on our websites, bushfurniture.com and bushbusinessfurniture.com, as well as through our resale partners like Wayfair, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Cymax, Overstock and BushFurniture2go.