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How to Create a Successful Study Space for Your Children

A recent study found that 82% of students who didn’t get passing grades didn’t have a dedicated study area. Creating the perfect study space for them to learn is a gift that you can give them – and yourself. Rather than having them study in bed, on the living room couch, in front of the television or in the kitchen, consider creating a special study spot or a dedicated room.

A workspace that is conducive to study will inspire them as they meet the challenges of their educational pursuit. Moreover, a study space that is cheerful can relax them as they encounter the stress of learning. Here are some tips that you, as a parent, can use to create the ideal workspace for your student or yourself, whether it's a separate office or just a dedicated space that says it's time to get to work.

  of students get distracted when not studying in their study area.

of students with a desk have improved concentration.

Say no the following distractions that could interfere with study:

- Video games
- Cell phones
- Messy food and drink
- Multiple computer monitors unless necessary
- Open tabs to social media

You want to minimize distractions in order to make a more productive workspace. Keep the space outside of areas where friends or family congregate, as this will make studying more difficult.

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A Study Desk

The first thing you will need is a nice desk with a roomy surface. It should hold a laptop, writing instruments, paper, beverages and other things that are necessary for the work. It should not feel cluttered unless that is necessary (maybe for those creatives.) Things that are needed should be within reach before study begins. Sitting at a desk, as opposed to sitting up on the bed, is the first step in feeling more productive, engaged and professional.

of students are more comfortable studying at a desk.

Along with a study desk, an office chair will enhance the study time; by improving comfort. Desk chairs can grow with your child by providing adjustable features to support their back and arms. 


A key to learning is a feeling of organization, rather than chaos. Make sure there are trash receptacles for those candy wrappers, scribbled notes and empty cups. You can buy desktop organizers that allow you to sort the papers, possibly using one or a section for each class. It also makes it easier to sort bills instead of having them lying around in a pile. Writing utensils should have a home, such as a pencil holder cup. Putting things back where they belong does much to help with a feeling of organization, whether in an office or study space. 


Additionally, a file cabinet with color-coded tabs or an online filing system will help the student be more organized. 

Add Art and Plants

Walls should reflect the likes of the student, whether it is a peaceful scene, inspirational words, or photos of favorite places. Try to avoid cluttering the wall space. The goal is a serene space that inspires and welcomes as well as decorates.  

Some greenery added to the study space makes the student feel more at home. It can be a maintenance-free cactus or some ivy to create spirit and relaxation. Gazing at a living plant offers a break from staring at the page or computer screen.  

Dedicated Space

The desk should be only for the use of the student. It can be personalized with a photo or mug with initials; a cozy personal space speaks to the importance of schoolwork. Your student may want to choose something of meaning to them that signifies that it is their space.

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Good Lighting

One of the important factors to keep in mind for a college study space is that the light needs to be adequate. Natural light is even better, so having a window in the room adds to it. Even if the student works with a computer and likes it dark, having natural light during the daytime hours adds cheer to the room. A good lamp is necessary for late-night studying and will lessen eye strain. Have all the tools needed within reach as the work projects demand. If the student is taking online courses, they may need special equipment.

A workspace or office that is dedicated to studying and is comfortable will provide a path towards success. It's one that you can help pave. 

The study cited in this article was conducted of 2,318 British parents of children who had completed their General Certificate of Secondary Education exams by Kit Out My Office. 

Posted: August 6, 2019